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Virtual Conferences

A common application of our live streaming services is dedicated to Corporate Webinars. This is typically utilized as an internal broadcast for customers, prospects, and employees. Using a private live stream, executives can stay connected to remote branches of their organization, without the cost & time consumption of travel. 

A conversational broadcast gives you the opportunity to convey a consistent message across departments globally. Contact us today for a quote. 

Services Include:

-Multi-Camera Live Switching

-Live Captions

-Real-Time Audio Translations

-Secure Video Transmission

-Video Archival

-Multi-City Presentations

-Broadcast Delay

-Cell Bonded Internet Backup 


MS Stream.png

Microsoft Stream with collaboration over Microsoft Teams is a suite of tools that are increasing in popularity with many of our Fortune 500 customers. We have experts on staff who will help your organization integrate these tools into your live event!

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