Brand Events, Red Carpets, Product Launches


Options available depending on show needs:

  • Bonded Cellular Transmission to augment existing bandwidth on site

  • Off-site REMI control available (useful for big show needs, but tight spaces)

  • Full multi-track recording

  • Multi-Destination encoding

    • Leverage existing social audiences​ through different platform co-streaming options

  • Remote IFB​

  • Monitoring for host to see and respond to package playout

  • Multi-location production (have talent toss back to the studio, integrate live communication)

Corporate Communications

  • Town Hall Events

  • Fireside ChatsFire

  • Corporate Announcements & Keynote Speeches

  • Remote contribution

  • Multinational participation

  • Remote teleprompting

  • Synchronized slide deck control



Corporate Webinars & Press Conferences


Another facet of live streaming is the Corporate Webinar. This could possibly be an internal broadcast so that your team can learn about a new product or system being implemented. Or perhaps this is a way for your company to reach investors & customers to inform them of the new features of a product. In either case, a corporate webinar is a phenomenal way for companies to reach a national or even global audience without having to fly everybody out to see it. We consistently work with companies every year to deliver their message to investors, clients, employees, and consumers.

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