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Virtual Conferences

Businesses are looking for alternate methods of delivering their message to investors, internal team members, & fans around the world from the comfort of their own home or office. To accomplish this, corporations are turning to online Virtual Conferences. With advanced video conferencing technology, BC Live is able to send crewing & equipment to various locations to host a live show from Detroit, with Keynote Presentations from speakers’ homes in Miami, LA, & Seattle as an example.


Virtual Conferences allow remote participants to access live onsite meetings from their computers, anywhere in the world. It is a proven medium that is often a more cost-effective strategy than face-to-face events. It is also a solution that allows you to maintain the high quality aesthetic that your brand’s digital content entails. 


Whether you're leading a conference, hosting a meeting, revealing an announcement, or selling e-tickets - a Virtual Conference can aid you in reaching your audience entirely over the internet.


On top of producing a wide range of events that involve video conferencing and the execution of remote production, BC Live also rents point to point backhaul solutions for clients who need quick and easy virtual conference connectivity. We also have technicians on standby that can assist with setup & remote management.

Services Include

Multi-Camera Live Switching

Secure Video Transmission

Video Archival

Live Captions

Multi-City Presentations

Cell Bonded Internet Backup 

Broadcast Delay


Real-Time Audio Translations

MS Stream.png

Microsoft Stream with collaboration over Microsoft Teams is a suite of tools that are increasing in popularity with many of our Fortune 500 customers. We have experts on staff who will help your organization integrate these tools into your live event!

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