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5 Tips To Rock Facebook Live

Facebook Live has changed the game for companies, and has become the easiest way to connect with fans on a much more personal level. A lot of clients have been asking: How do I make my Facebook Live Stream the best it can be. Here our BC Live Productions, "5 Tips to Rock Facebook Live"

TIP ONE: Tell people ahead of time when you're going to broadcast.

Give your fans a chance to attend the event. Not everyone will have notifications turned on, so letting them know ahead of time will increase the chances for a higher turn out.

TIP TWO: Say hello to commenters and engage with your viewers.

A chief reason live streaming is so popular, is because it is very personal and interactive. Responding live to fans who are commenting questions or tweeting the hashtag is a way to condone more interaction and more viewership. Fans who feel they are being listened to are now a part of your live stream instead of just watching it.

TIP THREE: Broadcast for longer periods of time.

You'll notice there's always more followers at the end of your live stream as opposed to the start. On one hand, you have to be cognoscente of the "post live-show viewer." The first 30 seconds of a broadcast are the most important, and you don't want to drag. However, if you provide good content, and have a live show plan in place, broadcasting for 20 Minutes or more will increase live viewership and keep eyeballs glued to the page.

TIP FOUR: Create a call to action.

Be honest about why you are going live in the first place. Are you promoting an event, product, movie, or business? This is especially important if you plan on boosting your video later. Remember, most of the audience is the "post live-show viewer," and creating a call to action will help grow your business.

TIP FIVE: Take it up a notch.

Anyone can go live from their Iphone, and there's nothing wrong with doing that, but our last tip is in standing out. Every Facebook live stream has their must haves: good audio, lighting, and visual appeal are among the most important. Integrating multiple HD cameras, video roll outs, slides, and graphics are elements that raise the professionalism, and coupled with our four previous tips, retain the interactiveness of live video. Be proud to boost your video, and be ready when the red light goes on!

FaceBook Live - In Action

BC Live just perfected their single camera wireless rig for Facebook Live streaming.

This past Monday, we went live on the Microsoft Facebook page to do an unboxing of the new XBOX One S with Major Nelson. This was also the same rig used for Microsoft in early June for E3 at the Los Angeles convention center.

Utilizing the Teradek Bond Pro, we're able to stream to the cloud, and have our offsite encoding technician handle everything from monitoring audio, adding beginning and end slates, and starting and stopping the stream.

Being completely wireless, having the ability to take your fans wherever you want to go, and doing so at a professional HD level, is what separates you from the herd.

Let's chat about your next Facebook Live event, and how we can help take it to the next level.

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