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The New Anton/Bauer Dionic XT Batteries

"Film Fearlessly In Any Situation With The World's Most Dependable Battery System"



This past December, we partnered with our friends at 59 Studios in their production of a 5-day, 5-city interactive live stream tour for Uber entitled “#whereto” - featuring the celebrity & social influencer powerhouse couple - Boris Kodjoe and wife Nicole Ari Parker. Each day began with a live stream from an Uber vehicle, where we used 59’s live engagement technology to solicit suggestions of #whereto go in each city and interacted with the live social audience on Facebook Live.



In order to power the ambitious mobile rig needed to make this event possible, we used the new Dionic XT Batteries from Anton/Bauer.

This live rig included two Aja Ki Pros Ultra Recorders, three Teradek Bolts, three Marshall POV Cams, an Aja Sync Generator, and four Westcott flex light mats.

Given the high-profile nature of this production, we knew having reliable, optimal power was essential - and without fail, the Anton/Bauer Dionic XT Batteries delivered. We used 2 hot-swappable batteries in conjunction, so we could power everything for a longer period of time - which was especially important as we had to thoroughly test everything every morning before each broadcast.



Aside from their slick design, these batteries are noticeably durable. The batteries are constructed using ultra-high-strength ABS and rubber in order in order to cushion shocks and protect the Dionic even in the most trying of times. This was appreciated.

To meet your specific needs, there are convenient USB and P-TAP outputs on the side of the unit.

Each battery comes default with a backlit display that shows the device’s run-time, capacity, as well as real-time diagnostics.


These batteries will be a force to be reckoned with.

The new Anton/Bauer Dionic XT Batteries are set to be released this year at Cine Gear Expo 2018, and we highly recommend you add this new Anton/Bauer battery to your rig.

Check them out here:

Written by Jared Brody


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