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Choosing a Production Company: The Human Touch

In the world of live event production, selecting a production company is not just about their technical prowess (and ours is good!); it’s about the people. Building lasting relationships in this industry goes beyond skill — it hinges on professionalism, collaboration, and the ability to make your clients shine. Let’s delve into why the human element is the cornerstone of our success at BC Live.

The Power of Likeability

We all prefer working with people we genuinely like. While talent is undeniably important, the pleasure of collaboration often depends on the personalities involved. Having worked with numerous exceptionally skilled yet challenging individuals, I've learned that, more often than not, the pain of working with a difficult person outweighs their talent.

At BC Live, we take pride in our team's talent, professionalism, and, most importantly, their kindness. The secret sauce, in my opinion, lies in the harmony of these qualities. Our goal is not just to deliver top-notch live event production but to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Repeating Success: A Testimony to Relationships

My most significant accomplishment in live event production is not just the events themselves, but the continuous trust and repeat collaborations with the same clients. Being hired a second, third, fourth, and even fifteenth time by the same company speaks volumes about the relationships we build. Our commitment to delivering not just a service but an experience for clients, talent, crew, and viewers is what sets us apart.

Making You Look Good

Understanding that our clients might not be experts in live production, we step in as collaborators. While they know their brand inside out, we bring our expertise in live shows. Our goal is to offer suggestions, to solve problems before they’re problems, to pull ideas and workflows from previous events that have gone well, and moreover - to make you look good! 

The Importance of Pre-Production

The true challenge in live events lies in the meticulous planning that precedes the actual show. While the live broadcast may only last an hour, the pre-production phase could consume twenty times that. Rundowns, scripts, graphics, captioning, audio, camera coverage, and ensuring a smooth talent/client experience are the building blocks of success. This meticulous planning is one of the aspects I find most thrilling in what we do.

Service Industry Mentality

Recognizing that live event production is fundamentally a service industry, we approach our work with the same dedication as any other service provider. Instead of catering with lasagna and green beans, our service comes in the form of lenses and cable crossovers. It’s about understanding our clients’ needs, anticipating challenges, and delivering a seamless, memorable experience.

The Essence of Collaboration

In essence, what drives me in this field is the human element. A product launch or a concert might not always feel like a monumental task, but the collaborative effort and the sense of inclusivity we create for those watching at home or engaging in the chat are what elevate the experience. It’s about making everyone feel a part of something greater.

In short, beyond the technicalities of production, it's the human touch that makes our work truly meaningful. Choosing a production company is not just about hiring a service; it's about building relationships that stand the test of time and creating good content together that was enjoyable to create.

Alex Hobbs

Head of Production at BC Live

Footnote: Also, lunch needs to be good. That's BC Live's official stance. Everyone will appreciate it. Everyone will talk about it. “But did you try the chocolate chip cookie!?” We get one meal break to make an impression (sometimes two if the day is long), so we make it count!


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