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'This Is How' On Home Depot

BC Live Productions has partnered with Seattle based company, Signature Development Inc. to create a brand new ‘how to’ series entitled “This Is How.” For those that don’t know, Signature Development Inc. supplies retail stores, like Home Depot, with high quality consumer wood products including fence panels, workbenches, picnic tables and many others.

‘This Is How’ is a show hosted by Zack Johnson as he delves into the construction and assembly of various products and DIY projects. Seeing as everything now is web based, we think this should extend to instructional content. When you purchase a Signature Development product through the Home Depot website, you can watch a step by step instructional video on how to assemble, and some of the best practices.

Having started from the live streaming production world, BC Live Productions has been producing more and more branded content to support their client's live content vision. Having pre-built produced pieces in place to throw to during a live show is just one way to get your Stream to stand out. As we all know, the expectation for professional live streaming is steadily increasing, and BC Live is continuing to stretch the bounds of this new medium.

Buy. Watch. Build.

It’s just that simple!

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