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Nissan Joins The Rebellion With The Rogue One SUV!

On November 16th, in a reveal suited for another galaxy, Nissan introduced the Limited Edition ‘Star Wars’ Rogue One SUV. Showing off their ‘battle tested’ Intelligent Safety Shield Technology, Nissan takes viewers through a fun virtual experience on a high-speed turntable in front of 180° video screens. The kicker: even though the vehicle may be exclusive in numbers, the event was open to all ‘Star Wars’ fans! With the help of BC Live Productions, the spectacle was streamed to the official page in all its glory.

In a 30-minute live show experience, fans joined Nissan in the rebellion by exposing the subtle differences between the old and new Lucasfilm inspired vehicle. This includes the insignias on the doors and floor mats, as well as the Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet that the car will be sold with.

With only 400 cars available in Canada, and a measly 5,000 available in the US, we can guess that Rogue One fans will be clamoring to get their hands on the new “Spaceship” releasing in late November. That being said, the suggested $28,950 car has given all Star Wars lovers something to

geek out about

The Nissan Rogue One will be sold in Black or White, and made at available at all 1,100 Nissan retail stores across America! Until the next Facebook Live Stream,


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