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YouTube Announces 4K Support For Live Video

YouTube makes a leap forward in the streaming world this week supporting 4K live video at up to 60fps. With the announcement of Facebook Live in early 2016, and the ‘Periscope Producer’ software allowing for 720P/30fps encoding, YouTube reaffirms their brand as the leading source for Professional Live Streaming Video.

Partnering with #TheGameAwards last Thursday, YouTube was able to broadcast this 4K live event on their platform, viewable on any 4K-supported device. This may not sound all that exciting to the average consumer, but suffice it to say, this is 4 times the definition of the traditional 1080P video we’re used to seeing.

The Game Awards in 4K on 12/1/2016

The update comes just a few weeks after YouTube adds 4K HDR support.

HDR has become a HUGE selling point for new TVs, displaying a more accurate and realistic range of whites and blacks, as well as a wider spectrum of colors.

This being said, the bar has been raised and BC Live Productions is moving in the realm of 4K Streaming, with the goal of making their clients & brands showcase the very best version of themselves!

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