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Snapchat Releases First Ever 360 Degree Ad

360 degree video provides a new approach on storytelling, and an interesting method of content creation. Once the technology was released, the countdown on when 360 live would be made available began. One of our goals at BC Live Productions, as the professional live streaming production solution, is to stay ahead of the curve on the newest streaming trends.

In March, BC Live Productions teamed up with TruTV and Snapchat to release the first ever 360 degree ad on the Snapchat platform. This was a 45 minute spherical stream from the Red Carpet at the London Hotel in West Hollywood. This ad was promoting TruTV’s new show, “Upscale with Prentice Penny.” Penny is on a mission to teach others how to live an upscale lifestyle, exploring topics from fashion, food, wine, and travel.

To get a bit into the tech - Currently, YouTube, Wowza and now Facebook Live are the the three live streaming providers of 360. National Geographic previewed this 360 degree capability for Facebook back in December of 2016, with the public rollout release two weeks ago!

Now, let’s discuss the ask. We know that a 360 Camera is a stitched feed of 4+ cameras. YouTube, Wowza, and Facebook have found a way to encode 4-16 cameras, and host the stitching on their platform in 4K. This means that you will need additional bandwidth to handle the workload. (Our recommendation is to have a dedicated 30+Mbps internet line on-site.) The more cameras in the VR Rig, the more bandwidth you’ll need.

Think of the VR Camera Rig and the Encoding as two separate entities. The two most popular streaming devices currently on the market are Ozo Live, which works exclusively with the Nokia Ozo Camera and the Teradek Sphere, which is a 4-8 input (SDI/HDMI) encoder that work with a variety of VR Rigs.

As the platform changes, the tech will change. Relying on a Production Company with the technology and experience is the best way to guarantee professional results.

Have an idea for a 360 degree live show? Contact us today!

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