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Radio Disney Music Awards Marks First Live Spots On Disney Channel

Sunday April 30th marked a momentous day for the Disney Channel. Disney teamed up with BC Live Productions to produce the first live stream hits ever done on Disney Channel in their 34 years of broadcasting.

The Radio Disney Music Awards were filmed on Saturday April 29th, and broadcasted to the public the following evening. Disney and BC Live orchestrated a Live Viewing Party filled with Disney Channel Stars that would stream in it’s entirety to the Radio Disney app and Facebook Live.

In addition, the Viewing Party would also host live teases on the Disney Channel during the RDMA’s scheduled breaks. Disney would use this time to get fans to join in the fun of watching the RDMA’s with the Disney Channel team, play fun games, and interact with fans via a live social feed.

The Viewing Party was live for a total of 6 Hours, which included the West Coast and East Coast airings of the awards. This show was heavily influenced by fan interaction dictating the content of the stream. At one point, fans requested the Disney Team “Dab”, which, they obliged! Also, many viewers of course, wanted more Jiffpom….again, we obliged.

It was a tremendous honor aiding Disney in the first live streaming content to ever be shown on the Channel. Having completed two live streams for Disney XD and Radio Disney the day before from the RDMA red carpet, the live viewing party was without a doubt, the icing on the cake for a successful 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

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