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Behind The Scenes At The Premiere Of Disney Pixar's Coco

At BC Live Productions, we are no strangers to live streaming red carpet events to the fans at home. This time around, we led the live production behind the premiere of Disney Pixar's, Coco at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA on November 8th!

The film revolves around a young boy named Miguel who wishes to fulfill his dream of being a music star like that of his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. The only problem with this is that his family has a generations-old ban on music. Young Miguel's journey to prove his talents lead him to the Land of the Dead where he befriends a cunning trickster named Hector. Determined to find out the secret to his family's ban on music, Miguel, along with Hector, embark on an extravagant journey; one that transcends both the Land of the Living, and the Land of the Dead. Coco was released in theaters everywhere on November 22, 2017.

The Coco Red Capet Premiere was streamed directly to the official Disney Pixar Facebook and Youtube Pages, where we interviewed the stars of the film, as well as other celebrities such as Idina Mendzel and Jonathan Groff. The live stream amassed 255,500 views across both platforms.

We wanted to give you an exclusive behind the scenes look at how we put this live production together.

BC Live Productions had a four camera footprint on the red carpet. All cameras were Canon C300 MKII's with varying lenses. Our operated INTERVIEW CAM gave us a close look at our host, Alexys Gabrielle as she interviewed the film's voice actors, animators, directors, and honored guests.

The FASHION CAMERA gave us an up close and personal view of all who attended the carpet and what they were wearing. Through this view, we were able to see some of our favorite stars pose for pictures, and ready themselves for the premiere.

The 12 foot JIB CAM is able to capture key aesthetic shots from the red carpet and live performance. The jib allowed us to take stunning, smooth aerial video to capture angles that audiences at the event wouldn't be able to see for themselves.

Lastly, what is a live stream without a HIGH & WIDE CAM to give us a general scope of the buzz surrounding the carpet.

To communicate with our camera team, we had to be as wireless and mobile as possible! The clear choice is the ClearCom FreeSpeak II system coupled with our wired ClearCom MS704 system in the Master Control Center!

Using the Newtek TriCaster 860 with Advanced Edition V2, we were able to pull our 4 cameras in, alongside a Newtek 425 Slow Motion Replay Machine for highlight packages, as well as integrate social over NDI.

Encoding can really make or break a show. If your stream is being broadcast in low resolution, it is likely that viewers won't want to watch until the end.

When streaming, we always have a primary and backup solution in place. On this production, we utilized Teradek's 655 Cube encoder alongside a cellular bonded backup, the Teradek Bond 757. The 757 is Teradek's newest flagship encoder, with 10 possible network connections, H264 & H265 encoding, SDI & HDMI connectivity, and a maximum of 30Mbps delivery capability. This brand new mobile backpack series is a monster in the field!

Lastly, social feedback and fan interaction are a huge part of any live stream event. Viewing the condition of the stream and monitoring comments can tell you almost immediately what the fans think!

We utilized TAGBOARD as a key way to interact with Disney fans directly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to give them the feeling of actually being on the carpet. More importantly, we give the fans a voice all the way from their phone to a Red Carpet of a major Disney Premiere in Hollywood.

By using the hashtag #cocopremiere, fans were featured on the stream; creating an even more immersive environment for viewers everywhere.

Please go see Disney Pixar's, Coco in theaters now. It is an incredible film, and we also want to extend a sincere thank you for reading our blog from all of us here at the BC Live Productions Crew!

Written by Jared Brody

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