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Vance Joy Previews New Album Live On Facebook

This past weekend, we streamed Vance Joy's pre-album release party at Winston House Studios in Venice, CA. Vance played an intimate show for a handful of fans while we streamed the entire event live to his Facebook page.

For those who attended the event in person, Vance played a few tracks off of his new album "Nation of Two" coming out February 23rd. For the thousands of viewers that had the opportunity to catch the live stream, Vance did a live performance of two of his favorite songs off the new album as well as a live Q&A with his fans on Facebook.

We were excited to debut a brand new workflow, integrating the gorgeous possibilities that came with using the new Teradek Colr Duo.

This piece of equipment allows us to take a flat color profile from our cameras and color them to make them look as refined as possible in a live setting. The accessibility of these units is remarkable and the resulting picture quality was even better than we expected. Big thanks to Teradek for indulging us with integrating these great little units into such a unique live production workflow.

Thanks to our dual AJA Ki Pro Quad Plus recorders, we were able to record both the flat images as well as the processed images, giving us the most amount of flexibility in post production. With flat profiles, we can pull the most out of the video, but with an already processed image through the Colr, we can encode and stream video with a more professionally graded look.

A special thanks to the team at 59 Second Media, Atlantic Records, and AirBNB for putting this project together and to Winston House Studios for hosting the event.

Be sure to listen to Vance Joy's new album "Nation of Two" coming out later this month.

Written by Jared Brody

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