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The All New Zenmuse XT2 Drone From DJI

The Show

Being at the forefront of drone technology, DJI is always looking for ways to take their drones to the next level. On March 28th, DJI and the Menlo Park Fire District teamed up in order to demonstrate how the new Zenmuse XT2 drone can be utilized in the workforce to monitor systems, stop poachers, and ultimately save lives.

The new Zenmuse XT2 uses a dual sensor configuration to pair a radiometric thermal sensor with a 4K visual camera. This kind of technology is essential for first responders in order to protect others as well as themselves.

The demonstration showed how the new XT2 could pinpoint where people were located within a smoke-filled building using its thermal imaging technology. With this information, it was a much easier task to for the firefighters to reach the person and pull them out of harm's way.

The Tech

In order to bring this show together, we set up two Canon C300 Mark II cameras to capture the DJI stage presentation as well as the drone demonstration.

For switching, we relied on the Newtek TriCaster 860. With this, we were able to utilize feeds from both C300 Mark II cameras, the drone camera, and all the videos that needed to be shown throughout the show.

For comms, the Clear-Com FreeSpeak II system is always our go-to, and this show was no exception to that. This system makes it possible for us to connect with everyone involved in the show, as well as utilize separate channels to communicate with specific divisions.

The Drone

The technology behind the new DJI Zenmuse XT2 is absolutely state of the art. DJI has proven once again why they are one of the leaders in drone technology. Special thanks to DJI and to the Menlo Park Fire District for making this show possible.

Also, be sure to check out the gallery to get the full behind the scenes look of this show.

Written by Jared Brody

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