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The Radio Disney Music Awards Nominations

Streamed to the Official Radio Disney Facebook Page on April 27th, were the nominations for the Radio Disney Music Awards. Supporting this stream was none other than BC Live Productions.

Hosted by Morgan Tompkins, Sofie Dossi, Carson Lueders, and Jenna Ortega; this live stream had breaks where they would do live cut-ins to Disney Channel making it an extremely unique, cross-platform experience for everyone involved.

We were able to push audience questions of our choosing coming in from social media directly to a monitor placed on the back of the set. Throughout the show, the hosts would make their way to the monitor to interact with viewers and answer interesting questions. This kept the hosts on their toes and made the whole experience fun for talent as well as fans at home.

There was dancing, jokes, contortion, highlights, and even a live acoustic performance from the music group JAGMAC.

In order to make this show happen, we used the Newtek Tricaster TC1 and NC1. The TC1 and NC1 was able to handle all of our inputs in order to give us the power to quickly switch between cameras, graphics, and clips throughout the show.

One cool feature that we used for this show was that of a "Selfie Cam" (not pictured). A camera was mounted on a smaller, handheld tripod so that the hosts could grab this camera at any moment to give viewers a first-person point of view or to just connect with fans with their own camera angles. Being able to switch to this camera whenever the hosts felt it was a good time to made the show unique and fresh for not only viewers, but for our team as well.

If you missed the live stream, you can check out the full VOD here:

Radio Disney Music Awards Nominations

Also, be sure to check out the gallery to get the full behind the scenes look of this show.

RDMA Nominations 2018 Behind the Scenes Gallery

Written by Jared Brody

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