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Janelle Monáe "Dirty Computer" Screening at YouTube Space LA

On April 27th, Janelle Monáe screened her first "Emotion" picture, "Dirty Computer" at YouTube Space LA.

To go along with the theme of "Dirty Computer", attendees were ushered to their seats by characters seemingly from the video. Once the fans were seated, Janelle Monáe herself took the stage to introduce the video. From this point, attendees watched the entirety of "Dirty Computer."

After this, a QnA was held with Janelle discussing some of major themes scattered throughout the video.

For this shoot, we used the built-in, monster of a control room at YTSLA to switch between the many cameras that we had set up throughout the studio. Always a blast working with the team at YTSLA.

Be sure to check out the official edit on Janelle Monáe's Official Youtube channel showing all the inspiring words that Janelle had to share.

For a full behind the scenes look, check out our gallery.

Written by Jared Brody

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