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Producing A Multi-City Global Webcast

BC Live Productions recently produced a 3-city live global broadcast for Philips. This included two-way video conferencing between 3 cities and end-to-end encryption with sub-second delay. The presentation included synced Powerpoint across all cities, Video Playback and a link to take anonymous Q&A from the audience using their mobile phones. In addition, BC Live provided Live Captions and Japanese Audio Translations that were delivered to our client’s secure archival solution.

More and more, corporations are focusing on LIVE internal webinars, ranging from Quarterly Review Meetings, Town Halls, Training Sessions, Annual Conferences and Product Launches.

At BC Live, not only do we focus on the multi-camera live production aspect of the event, but we also implement best practices to deliver your video content across the network securely and effectively, across multiple time zones and languages. This can include the use of live captions, real-time audio translations, multiple city presentations, broadcast delay and cellular bonded internet backup solutions.

Another way we stay ahead of the curve is adopting tools like Microsoft Stream with collaboration over Microsoft Teams. This is is a suite of tools that are increasing in popularity with many of our Fortune 500 customers. We have experts on staff who will help your organization integrate these tools into your live event!

Often times, you only have one opportunity to deliver your company’s message globally between all locations. We help deliver that presentation in a live format, while archiving the event to your server so that all branches are on the same page.

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