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Best Tools for Bringing in Remote Guests

In this video, we discuss the best streaming tools that can be used to integrate remote guests into live production. The tools we touch on are Zoom, VMIX Call, LiveU, and SRT.


Zoom is a great choice for two-way video and audio. It has a quick learning curve, with low latency. Although 1080p is not available by default, it can be enabled with a Business, Education, or Enterprise account.


VMIX Call is a browser-based call similar to Google Meet, but it only allows one-to-one calls and maxes out at 720p resolution. However, when going VMIX to VMIX, you have control over the bandwidth you send out. This is useful for fusing two productions together for a two-way call, allowing for high-quality & low-latency transmission. VMIX Call is becoming increasingly more popular due to its low price point and ease of use.


LiveU is unique in that it does not require an internet connection, making it perfect for roaming hosts in the field. It has a minimum latency of one second, but with an internet connection, can achieve sub-second latency. The LU800, LiveU's 4 channel encoder, allows for sending four video feeds back to a control room with sub-second latency to remotely switch.


SRT, or Secure Reliable Transport, is used for sending video/audio over the public internet. It has a few seconds of latency, making it unsuitable for two-way communication, but it is useful for one-way transmission when sending video feeds back to a control room for switching and adding graphics. The quality and robustness of the protocol make it a really powerful tool in live production.

Overall, each tool has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best use case depends on your specific production needs. Have questions, reach out to us at!


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