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CollegeHumor goes all in on Canon PTZ for S5 of Game Changer

BC Live is thrilled to have partnered with Canon & CollegeHumor to integrate 7 PTZ Cameras for the “Escape the Green Room” episodes on Season 5 of Game Changer.

Game Changer is a CollegeHumor game show on, where the players don’t know the rules until they start. For the “Escape the Green Room” episode, contestants were unknowingly locked in the green room, & forced to take part in an Escape Room to get themselves out.

For this project, BC Live provided a mix of the CR-N500 & CR-N300 models. Our two PTZ Operators each had access to all 7 cameras from their respective RC-IP100 Controller.

Canon launched its line of PTZ Cameras back in 2022. Having a Canon camera arsenal already, BC Live became an early adopter, & have been extremely pleased with the look & some key feature sets.

  • 1 Inch Sensor

  • Native NDI output with built in camera tally light

  • Face detection, making auto focus more powerful

  • XLR audio inputs with phantom power capability

  • Option to output Canon Log for maximum flexibility in post production

  • Touch screen remote control panel

CollegeHumor uses C300s to film Game Changer, so having the beloved color science of Canon Cinema Cameras in a Pan Tilt Zoom body really made this an easy choice for them.

Please check out the Behind The Scenes Video to hear more from CollegeHumor and BC Live on how this episode was filmed, and why Canon CR-N was the easy choice.


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